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Business Meeting
Business Meeting

HR Solutions Services 

HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing is the end-to-end service to fulfill your human resources needs. It includes finding potential candidates, recruiting, and managing employees' contracts as well as its payroll. Our service offers you support to analyze the best methodology for execution to meet your KPI.

We do the recruitment, contracts, payroll, insurance, and taxes which comply with the local policies. Elabram will be your HR partner to plan the talent pipeline, costing & budget, and timeline so you as the client can focus on your core business.

Visa/Work  Solution 

Visa outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and administrative and non-judgmental tasks related to visa, passport, and consular services for its client governments. This enables them to focus entirely on the critical task of assessment.

- New Visa Application for a foreigner

- Change the type of Visa from Tourism to Non-B Visa / Non-O Visa.

- Extention Application for Foreigner's Family and Member. 

- Work Permit for a foreigner 

- Translation for Visa Applications or Work Permits TH-EN-JP 

Recruitment Agency

Recruitment is our service to support our clients in finding and hiring the best-qualified candidates for permanent or contract employees.

With our recruitment services, you will have more efficiency in hiring the right talents. Our recruiters will source the best talents and put their skills to ensure the right talent comes to you. This approach is how we support you in advancing your business.

Logistics Business is our expertise  especially Sales Representative Fuction

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